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Icewear Vezzo - Quagen (genius)

I ain't recorded in over two weeks
(Cash out what it do?)
Okay, shit
Yeah, Drank God

Quagen (genius) - Icewear Vezzo

I ain't recorded in over two weeks
(Cash out what it do?)
Okay, shit
Yeah, Drank God

Mud baby, I went gun crazy
I got drug habits
Big game, keep that stick on me
Yeah that's my lil' nigga
Crip member, we don't swiping
Cause bitch we drug trafficking

Hid the hunnid's, signed with big cheese
Shoutout my blood niggas (Shoutout my blood niggas)
Hm, yeah, bitch we bought mud with us
Hit yo city, flood the whole town
I bought a tub with us (I bought a tub with us)
At my show, got two hundred niggas, I brought the club with us
Take that 'stendo put it on switches, I love to plug niggas (Fa, fa, fa)
I love to shoot shit, got the kujick
That's two hundred, count up them blue strips
Slide to Mikey, a million in cash, just got a new kit
Popped a bean, then fell on the curb, I need a new mix
Yeah, shit, should see the opps faces
I ain't fuck cause she got no ass, hoe I am not basic
Pour an eight or jumped in the 'Vette, I'm in the drop wasted (Skrr)

Hunnid rounds, I put a sign on it, this choppa not vacant
Yeah, wish they would stop hatin'
Audemar got black and white diamonds, hoe I am not racist
Check the gram, we got his fam mad, cause he did not make it
Dropped a load, been lurkin' all night
I had to swap pages
Sick sipper, drinkin' click clicker, this for them big niggas
Why all the opps we beefin' with broke? They need to fix niggas
Check the sco' we wipe niggas nose, yeah I'm a sick nigga (Fuck)
Goon squad, bitch I rep that D, but ain't got Trick with us (That's my uncle)
Ouu, he in that trick bag, wrap him up or treat him like uh-
Yeah, this a gift bag
Fendi belt with Alex McQueens', I love to mix fashion
He turn around, we takin' him out, I call that get back

Yeah, bitch, I got a big bag
I sent a play threw Cudi the blitz, bitch I'm like knick knack
Bust my ears and then bust my neck, I made my wrist mad
She got good brain, I pulled my dick out and told her to think fast
Hm, yeah, I let my mink drag
Poured a pop then ran out already, I like to drink fast
Twenty thousand, stuffin' them grants, bitch I got pink cash
If he don't live it then I can't listen, and plus the beats ass
Crack the Qua', give me a gulp, pour that mud in double cups
Diamonds on me moon walkin', run it up then fuck it up
Banana clip on big drakey, AR with the monkey nuts
Told take the condom when she suckin', with yo funky butt


Rich Off Pints, two
That's how we comin' back
(Cash out what it do?)